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Inside Passage Map Illustration by Henshaw Murals

Beautiful wall murals designed and painted by local artists Kristine and Ron Henshaw, this series of four murals adorn the exterior walls of Metsker Maps - protected by treated fiberglass. 
These high quality reproductions are smaller in size, but retain all the clarity and masterful strokes of the originals.  These paintings are truly unique, and individually possess character and charm.  The Inside Passage illustration trails the passage from the Columbia River all the way north to Glacier Bay, and includes numerous detailed ship drawings. 
Also available plak mounted which is a high quality mounting and a nice alternative to framing.

Item NumberSize / Paper or Plak mountedPriceQty.
KROHENIP 11" x 36" / Paper$19.95Buy Now
KROHENIPCP 11" x 36" / Plak mounted$115.00Buy Now

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